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Our philosophy:

  • Chemicals are not used on the land ever or in any cleaning products. Recycling and composting is a very important part of our daily lives. Our compost is used in the polytunnel and wild-life garden.  The horse manure is used to fertilise the pastures. We use a no-dig method on the land and polytunnel. Companion planting helps keep weeds at bay. We make garden furniture and hay feeders etc. from pallets and old car tyres. WWOOFers are encouraged to take a project and work on it when daily chores are finished. We have recently started western riding and we also use a trust technique with the animals. (Click here to see more about it)


  • A caravan near the house 
  • Meals are shared with family.
  • WWOOFers are expected to share cooking and cleaning up.
  • Click here to see the bus timetable from Dublin to Carlow

What to bring:

  • Raingear is essential – Waterproof boots are also a must.
  • Warm clothes, even in Summer, as it gets cold.
  • It is also easier to manage a back pack rather than a suitcase, especially if you intend going off at weekends.
  • A good pair of boots for walking.

WWOOFer projects completed:

  • Last Summer Flo made a fantastic outdoor table and a bed from recycled pallets with help from others WWOOFers.
  • Loris made a fantastic pond and stone steps with help from Thibaud (We have lots of frogs and pond-life!). They also made two lovely garden seats made out of recycled car tyres and rope.
  • Eric made a bug hotel.
  • Andrea drew a tree mural and each WWOOFer signs a leaf before they leave.
  • Simon put this information together and helped build this website.
  • Guillaume painted our utility room with a cat theme! It’s really cool! He was also brilliant with our Labrador Cooper.
  • Daniel recycled our old dog kennels and made two fantastic dog hotels! Also built a cat composter and helped construct the polytunnel.
  • Julian helped make the raised beds for the polytunnel and made fantastic paths for the wild-life garden. He also gave us some great ideas and continues to do so! Cooper is still missing him!
  • Clara sowed thousands of seeds and filled lots of raised beds. She also made a lovely raised flower bed at the front of our house with help from Alexia.
  • Imanol made a flying visit and helped clear our yard with Clara.
  • Alexia helped make flower beds, raised beds in the polytunnel and showed us how to make nettle bread.

WWOOFer projects in the pipeline:

  • Fruit bushes, shrubs, flowers and hedges to be planted.
  • Early Summer we start to pull ragwort, which is extremely dangerous to horses.
  • Birdhouses, hedgehog houses and other wildlife shelters will also be made during the Summer.
  • Fences, stable doors, hen house, shelter to be painted.
  • Murals on shelters/hen house, etc.
  • Making animal feeders.
  • Weeding.
  • No dig flower beds.
  • If you have any ideas they would be very welcome!


Others information:

  • Please make sure you have health and travel insurance
  • We cater for both meat eaters and vegetarian. We also make our own soups, brown bread and smoothies and eat as healthily as possible.
  • Games room available which includes snooker table, dart board and an air hockey table.
  • Bikes available for exploring the area.
  • We will bring woofers on outings with us if we are going anywhere interesting.
  • There are other WWOOFers in the area and we will help you contact them.
  • We have music sessions once a month, so musicians very welcome!
  • WWOOFers can buy their own internet access for 20 euro a month. Whatever is not used will be refunded.